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Advanced Wood Paint Inc. started because of a problem without an expensive or difficult to-do solution. My wife wanted new kitchen cabinets. The white 90's laminate color scheme worn and outdated. After getting several quotes from various contractors ($6000-$20000) I decided I could not afford them. I tried painting them; they looked tan not like wood, my wife was not happy!

It was the choice of new cabinets or an alternative. Faux finishes did not give the look of real wood and was very difficult and expensive to apply. Buying new cabinet fronts and glue-on wood laminate kits still too difficult and expensive.

I was left with no other choice. I had to develop an inexpensive and easy way to apply wood finish, like the cabinet refinishing kit, to redo my kitchen cabinets. Making a kitchen cabinet resurfacing system was easier said than done!

After many trials and paint formulas, I came to the not so obvious conclusion the only way to make cabinets look like wood was to create a coating system made from wood. 

That's just what we did! Over the past 4 years with the help of some very talented people AWP Inc. created a wood polymer coating system (WOOD INNOVATIONS) that is SAFE (water based), EASY TO APPLY, DURABLE and best of all CREATES THE REAL LOOK OF WOOD and is perfect for a wood furniture refinishing kit.

This was designed from the start for the average homeowner.
Just PAINT-STAIN-CLEAR COAT and you’re done!
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About Advanced Wood Paint Co. and Our Offering of Furniture Refinishing Kits

In business since 2011 our mission is to provide the homeowner with the highest quality, easiest to use real wood finish paint conversion kit at an affordable price. The main goal of our products are ease of use, simple to apply and excellent quality wood finish results to enhance your home.

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